Mike Blakely's new book, A SONG TO DIE FOR, is now available on line and at bookstores everywhere!

Mike is a novelist with 18 books in print. He is hard at work on his next work: A novel about the Mexican War of the 1840s. It will be released in about a year.

His books can be purchased through almost any mainstream bookseller... Barnes & Noble or Amazon

Some of Mike's titles are available as e-books. Those available on NOOK are denoted with an *. Those available for Kindle are marked with a #.

Here are his titles beginning with the most recent release and working chronologically backward. 

A Song To Die For

What Are the Chances

A Tale Out of Luck*#

Come Sundown*#

Comanche Dawn#

Moon Medicine*#

Summer of Pearls*#

Too Long at the Dance

Vendetta Gold

Dead Reckoning

Spanish Blood

The Snowy Range Gang

More Wild Camp Tales

Forever Texas: Texas, The Way Those Who Lived It Wrote It#

Deer Camp Tales & Recipes

The Last Chance

Shortgrass Song

Wild Camp Tales

Glory Trail