Mike's 19th novel, A SINISTER SPLENDOR, is now available.  This sweeping historical saga chronicles the Mexican-American War of the 1840s through the fictionalized viewpoints of men and women who witnessed the conflict.  The author uses real people as his character.  Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, President James K. Polk, President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and many other point-of-view characters reveal the glories and the horrors of the war.  

His books can be purchased through almost any mainstream bookseller... Barnes & Noble or Amazon

Some of Mike's titles are available as e-books. Those available on NOOK are denoted with an *. Those available for Kindle are marked with a #.

Here are his titles beginning with the most recent release and working chronologically backward. 

A Sinister Splendor

A Song To Die For

What Are the Chances

A Tale Out of Luck*#

Come Sundown*#

Comanche Dawn#

Moon Medicine*#

Summer of Pearls*#

Too Long at the Dance

Vendetta Gold

Dead Reckoning

Spanish Blood

The Snowy Range Gang

More Wild Camp Tales

Forever Texas: Texas, The Way Those Who Lived It Wrote It#

Deer Camp Tales & Recipes

The Last Chance

Shortgrass Song

Wild Camp Tales

The Glory Trail